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Joanne's Mark

P.O. Box 166

New Haven, MI  48048

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© 2017. Joanne's Mark.

When I founded out that my wife, Becky, was pregnant, it instantly changed my outlook on life.  I can remember watching Becky change as the months when by, the baby continuing to grow inside her.  I remember coming home from work one day and Becky meeting at the door with a big smile as she grabbed my hand, placing it on her stomach and repeatedly asking me, "Did you feel that?"  With a big smile, she kept saying, "She's moving! She's moving!"  From that point on I found myself constantly touching Becky's stomach and talking to my baby girl...

We named her Joanne.

The last few weeks of the pregnancy were the best.  Becky and I would lay on the bed and I would talk  to Joanne.  I would poke at Rebecca's belly just to see Joanne poke with her little foot.  While I was work one day I got the phone call that would forever change my life.  It was Becky, in tears.

"She's gone."

Those two words absolutely crushed me.

After the stillbirth, I was able to hold Joanne.  She was 7 lbs., 8 ounces, and beautiful.  After the funeral, I made a promise to myself and Becky that Joanne had not come into our world for nothing.  I vowed somehow, some way, the life Joanne did not live would be given to another.  I have to understand how very important it is to surround ourselves with family and friends who can help us through tough times.

- Jason Garvan